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Candidate Statement – Paul Moseley
Founder, BonRezo

Reason for Running:
My primary profession interest is the progression of data standards in developing economies. Serving on non-profit boards, exploring emerging technologies, and offering management support to organizations are key to what I do and believe in.

Personal and Professional Traits

  • Strong business analytical skills to understand complex issues and environments
  • Demonstrated ability to organize and drive complex programs
  • Many personal connections across multiple organizations and a 'connector' attitude
  • A strong desire to drive growth through collaboration

Executive Experience

  • Founder/CEO, BonRezo
    Delivering quality executive consulting services
  • Program Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    Driving collaboration across government, industry, and non-profit organizations to grow financial ecosystems
  • Vice President, Avanade
    Led the largest portfolio in a billion-dollar IT firm.
  • Sr. Manager, Accenture
    Leading small to medium-sized teams on complex projects

Industry/Organization/Board Experience

  • Director, X12 Board - 2017-2019 (current)
  • Program Investment Committee - Financial Sector Deepening Uganda (FSDU) – Current
  • Secretary - Northwest Freeride Programs

Candidate Statement – Todd Gould
CEO, Loren Data Corp.

Reason for Running:
X12 is the official and de facto steward of the EDI industry. It is not enough to sit back and benefit from the hard work of the thousands of individuals who have created the standard. With nearly 20 years of EDI experience as a technical leader in the industry, I would be honored by the opportunity to continue my role on the Board of Directors of X12 for a third term.

Personal and Professional Traits

I am committed to bettering the community around me in all aspects of my life. In business, I work to create a vibrant and innovative landscape. In my personal life, I work to create a sense of community where all who choose to do so can live a life of purpose.

Executive Experience

  • I have served on the X12 Board since 2015
  • Since 1987 I have led Loren Data through both prosperous and lean times; managing cash flow, functioning within our financial means, giving up no equity, and not taking on massive debt
  • For over a decade I was Board President of my HOA, keeping expenses under control and fee increases far below the area average.
  • My wife and I created and managed a small not-for-profit, the Barbaro-Gould Foundation, Inc., for the global exchange of culture through art, music and film.

Industry/Organization/Board Experience

  • I’ve served two terms on the Board of X12
  • I served a term on the Board of DISA
  • I served two years as the chair of an advisory committee to the Office of Federal Procurement Policy.
  • I serve as the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Loren Data Corp (since 1992)
  • I serve on the Board of EFX, Inc., a FinTech company (since 2014)