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Candidate Statement – Stephanie Fetzer

Greetings X12 member representatives. Many of you know me as I’ve been an active participant in X12’s collaborations for many years. For those who may not, I'm Stephanie Fetzer, for many years I was the member representative for IBM and I am now the member representative for HCL. I’ve served the X12 membership with two terms on the X12 Board of Directors and I would very much like continue to serve for another term. In addition, I am an active constituent of several Accredited Standards Committee groups, including X12C and X12N.

X12 as an organization has come a long way in the relatively short time since we became self-determining. We have accomplished a lot of short and mid-term goals over the past few years. I’m proud to have been a part of those successes. But the job is not finished, we have more work to do on infrastructure and tools to support the members, there are many new technologies and opportunities to evaluate, and we need to continue to revise and refine our current product list in a way that increases value to businesses. X12 has been a very successful organization for many years. As a skilled technology expert who specializes in market research, product integration, and bringing new technologies to market for my employer, and as a corporate leader, small-business owner, and patent-holder, I am well-equipped to help lead the organization into an even more successful future.

X12 functions most effectively when the X12 members participate in ongoing collaboration and when they use their voting privilege to advocate for data maintenance, programs, products, policies, and candidates who bring value to the X12 community of implementers and trading partners. Today I ask you to cast your vote to support me as I continue my work with the rest of the Board to ensure X12 is well-grounded financially, with a strong strategy, valuable programs, and reliable products that will support electronic commerce well into the future.

I appreciate this opportunity to be a candidate for a 2018-2020 term and would like to thank the X12 membership for considering my application.

Stephanie Fetzer

Candidate Statement – James Taylor

Good day to each of you, I’m writing to you today as a candidate for the X12 Board of Directors. Since 2015 I’ve been privileged to serve as the Chair of the X12 Board. Prior to that, while DISA was operating as X12’s secretariat organization, I served the X12 membership from 2009 to 2014 as a member and then as Chair of the DISA Board. I’ve also been an active participant in X12’s standards development for over fifteen years, since 2011 I have served as vice-chair of both the X12C and X12J subcommittees within the Accredited Standards Committee.

X12 has made significant improvements in the last 3 years, financially, innovatively, strategically, and operationally. Our accomplishments include improvements to the tools available to members as they develop and review X12 standards and related work products, the formation of the Registered Standards Committee and the Business Development Committee, and an increasing number of licensing agreements.

I’d like to remain on the Board so that I may continue to help lead the organization to even greater success in these areas. I believe X12 must continue to find opportunities to increase member value, to bring timely, relevant, business driven work products to market, and to champion standards for new, emerging technologies and processes.

I am the CEO of MarineNet, the marine Industry initiative on Electronic Business Standards and Processes. MarineNet assists member companies and the marine industry with improving the efficiency, effectiveness and value of the standardization of EDI, information management, business process and technology functions. In a prior business venture, I brought to market a VAN that processes EDI transactions related to barge tracking which facilitated freight profitability, barge utilization or P&C claims case management. I have a degree in engineering, served in the US Navy, and am entrepreneurially focused. Additionally, I am a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) certified coach and referee, and I play soccer myself on a weekly basis. I rely on all these experience as I methodically capture and capitalize on opportunities and solve challenges, using both big-picture and highly detailed perspectives.

In addition to my service on the X12 Board, I serve on the Board of Directors of the Inland Rivers Ports and Terminals. And I am chair of Subcommittee 133 of the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM) which is an international scientific, professional and educational standards organization.

My professional and personal experiences are very directly aligned with X12’s mission and principals, allowing me to offer strategic and tactical vision that will help X12 build upon the gains made, strengthening X12 for the future.

I believe X12 is on an upward trajectory with current opportunities and is on a solid path in pursuit of new ones. I look forward to continuing my work with the rest of the board and with staff to successfully achieve the goals that fortify and support X12.

James Taylor