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Announcing a Public Review Period for the 277, Health Care Claim Data Reporting Acknowledgment (005010X364)

The Health Care Claim Data Reporting Acknowledgment (277) Implementation Guide (005010X364) will be available for public review beginning August 6, 2018. The review period will close October 5, 2018 at 8:00 PM, Eastern Time. This guide has been developed by X12's Insurance subcommittee based on version 005010 of the X12 Standard. Following this review period, X12 will conduct a corresponding Informational Forum. The Informational Forum is the final opportunity for public discussion of the review comments and resulting revisions.


The purpose of this implementation guide is to provide standardized data requirements and content for all users of ASC X12, Health Care Information Status Notification (277). This implementation guide focuses on the use of the 277 as an acknowledgment of receipt of data reporting claim submission(s). This implementation guide provides a detailed explanation of the transaction set by defining uniform data content, identifying valid code sources and specifying values applicable for the business focus of the 277 data reporting claim submission acknowledgment.

Entities receiving this application of the 277 include, but are not limited to, payers, providers, and Third Party Administrators (TPA).

Entities sending this application of the 277 include, but are not limited to, payers, All Payer Claim Databases, and Health Insurance Exchanges.

The draft implementation guide will be available in an on-line forum at The draft information is provided for public review and cannot be used for any other purpose without permission from X12. Reviewers may submit comments on the draft via the on-line forum. Instructions for reviewing the pages and submitting comments are posted on the forums page.

Interested parties may monitor all submitted comments and the associated responses via the on-line forum during the public review period and prior to the Informational Forum. Watch for the announcement of the corresponding Informational Forum.

Questions may be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .